Our Breeders

All our breeders are tested FELV/FIV negative and HCM negative. We produce "traditional, mink, sepia and solid" ragdolls

King Moe

Moe is a solid black bicolor. He produces all solid ragdoll kittens to our cattery. He has extreme friendly personality. We love him herH. chocolate and dilute carrier 

HCM, FELV/FIV negative 

King Alla

A lilac bicolor boy from Europe. With him, we shall have chocolate and lilac kittens in our cattery.

HCM, FELV/FIV negative 

King Spud

A big sized blue point mitted boy. A Super friendly lapcat

HCM, FELV/FIV negative 

Queen Cookie

A seal mink mitted with blaze. dilute carrier 

HCM, FELV/FIV negative 

Queen Callie

A seal mackerel tabbie. Carry chocolate 

FELV/FIV, HCM negative 

Queen Alda

Seal point bicolor.

chocolate and dilute carrier 

HCM, FELV/FIV negative 

Queen Taylor

A seal lynx

chocolate and dilute carrier 

HCM, FELV/FIV negative 


A blue mink tortie.

HCM negative, FELV/FIV negative 

chocolate carrier

So far I have been breeding over 10 years. People mostly asks about “lapcat”.

Well, here is my experience. Cats’ personality can be differentiated by introverted and outgoing. Some cats are very outgoing. They can be picked up constantly and never be afraid of strangers. However, it doesn’t mean he/she is a lapcat. But this kind of cats are good for a family of big size. They will thrive well in that situation. There are also introverted cats. They are a little shine from strangers. But they will be a good lapcat when they are familiar with surroundings. They will workout perfect well with a small household. 

It is reasonable for people to desire a cat as a companion with physical touch. That is also why people spends money on this purebred thing. 

I welcome customers’ telling me about their desire and household situation. I can work out a match for your guys. I guarantee that my cats are good and they will live well in your household.

People often asked me how I price my kittens:

  1. Depends on breeder: if this kitten contains some coloring gene and is marketable in both breeder and pet markets;
  2. Depends on coloring: if this kitten's coloring is more market friendly;
  3. Depends on coat coloring, disposition, size and physical figuring - show grade?
  4. Depends on personality - how big the market it fits in.

Often times, people assume that all ragdoll cats should be friendly. In our cattery, yes. But we have struggled ten years for it. It is our goal to get 100% people friendly cat. It is our goal to say "our cats' personality is guaranteed". We match up people And cat.

However, there is great price variety in market nowadays. Please check http://ragdollscam.com/