About Us

Solid chocolate bicolor Welcome to NOVA MAO MAO's ragdoll cattery.

Our ragdoll business has, and always will be family-owned and operated. We are stationed in the DC metro area. 

Our cats get plenty of attention from our two children, and our dog is friendly as well. The kittens are socialized from the beginning.

Recently we have set up another location for our cattery, where we can separate kittens from adults to produce healthier kittens. Seal mink bicolor

I am a US graduate and have the qualifications to be a scientist or engineer. I am interested in feline nutrition and behavior. It is my interest to keep in contact with our customers for years after they left our home. I like to gain data on size and personality. Therefore, any purchase from us will not be a one time deal. You are more than welcome to contact us and let us know how your cat develops.

Question on shipping: all scenarios are good for two cats in one carrier shipping.

1. 10 hours radius from our place. We use “uship.com”. There are truck carriers which can ship the cat in one to two days. Fee is from $150 to $250 depending on distance.

2. Air cargo shipping: $320 airline and $80 to $110 health certificate on each cat plus airline approved cat carrier $30. The health certificate is only valid for 10 days. Your cat must travel during the 10 days’ period.

3. By person as carrying on luggage: only people’s airline ticket is required. It counted as a piece luggage under the seat. However there is requirement for the size of carrier from each airline. One has to check on it. No cat health certificate is required.