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NOVAMAOMAO (Reg # 24977) is a TICA registered cattery in Northern Virginia

We are a family living in a big house. We are in DC metro area. We love Ragdolls. Here we are.

blue mink bicolor boyWe started with one queen and one king and we have kept one king for three queens for six years before we have three kings and six queens. This ensures that we have more time to experience the growth and make sure our kittens get individual cares. It has been our believe that each kitten needs personal touch no matter what breed they come from.


We have two children and a dog who are very kind to our cats. Our queens gives birth to their kittens in our bedroom.  The children watch over and play with the kittens from birth until they find a new home.   Our kittens are socialized from the beginning and are very good with children and other pets.

Now, we just set up another facility for our cattery. We are able to separate kittens from adults to produce healthier cats. We have a gazebo for out kittens half of the year. They are able to have fresh air most of times. Most important thing is they are healthier than ever.

I have been in US graduate school for 6 years and I have qualification to be a scientist or an engineer. I am interested in feline nutrition and feline behavior. It is my interest to keep contacts with our customers for years after they left our home. I like to gain statistics data on size and personality. Therefore, any purchase from us will not be a one time deal. You are more than welcome to contact with us over years and let's know how your cat develops.




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