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New kittens

Our kitten comes with: 1. Vet paper for health check, vaccination and deworming; 2. TICA registration paper; 3. Sale contract.

We now, have a separate facilities for kittens and their moms. Our kittens are healthier than ever. They live in a hardtop gazebo half of the year. They have fresh air. Hope we live in a countryside where land and house are cheap.

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As for payment, we accept cash, Zella and Venmo. Please look at It belongs to PayPal. But for retail buyer and payee. It is free. We have an account there. Sure, we accept PayPal also. But you pay 3% service charge.


Callie had a litter on June 5, 2020. They can be in a new home around August 15.


Kaykay is having kittens with Tate on May 26, 2020. Her kittens are ready for a good home around August 10, 2020
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