New kittens

We produce traditional, mink, sepia and solid ragdoll. All our ragdoll have TICA registration paper. After we get reservation on specific kitten, we shall send photos/videos everyday to present their health and personality for the new buyer. We visit veterinary when they are 8 weeks old. By then, we decide when they will go to a new home. Available Now. Pet price based on coat coloring. All kittens from us will have lapcat personality guaranteed.

Cookie’s blue mink boy

Born on January 18, 2021. Smallest in his litter. But a nice lapcat. He will be ready to a new home by April 2nd. Price: $2,500

People often asked me how I price my kittens:

  1. Depends on breeder: if this kitten contains some coloring gene and is marketable in both breeder and pet markets;
  2. Depends on coloring: if this kitten's coloring is more market friendly;
  3. Depends on coat coloring, disposition, size and physical figuring - show grade?
  4. Not by personality

Often times, people assume that all ragdoll cats should be friendly. In our cattery, yes. But we have struggled ten years for it. It is our goal to get 100% lapcats. It is our goal to say "our cats' personality is guaranteed". And yes, we reached the goal.