How to avoid being cheated


I have three customers came to me this year. One lady paid $875 to a lady in PA and then that seller lady disappeared. The Second guy paid $300 deposit to someone who claimed to sell him ragdoll for $700. He lost that money too. The third guy was even more miserable that he paid $3,500 for the cat and shipping. The cat has never arrived.

I feel deeply sorry for them. As far as I know those people who can run away with money don't have a cat at all. They stole pictures from somewhere. They faked the website. Those people don't accept visit. Most of them don't have an address. 

I don't want to hear such stories again. Here is my advice:

1. Let the seller video his /her cattery in real time;

2. Using Paypal for everything. Don't be stingy on the fee. Paypal can protect you better than any banks; 

3. Stop payment should the seller does not accept Paypal;

4. Go to website to find local area breeder. Majority breeders have membership with TICA. Without any breeding program, TICA has no list of that business.

Please, I don't want to hear such ripped off story again. Protect yourself. Something can be too good to be true.

About Us

Blue mink bicolor mitted maleWelcome to NOVA MAO MAO's ragdoll cattery!

Our ragdoll business has, and always will be family-owned and operated. We are stationed in the DC metro area. 

Our cats get plenty of attention from our two children, and our dog is friendly as well. The kittens are socialized from the beginning.

Recently we have set up another location for our cattery, where we can separate kittens from adults to produce healthier kittens. Seal mink mitted male

I am a US graduate and have the qualifications to be a scientist or engineer. I am interested in feline nutrition and behavior. It is my interest to keep in contact with our customers for years after they left our home. I like to gain data on size and personality. Therefore, any purchase from us will not be a one time deal. You are more than welcome to contact us and let us know how your cat develops.

Suggestion to search a real ragdoll breeder, do the following: 

  1. Let seller video his/her cattery in real time;
  2. Check website for breeders’ list.