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Often times, people ask

What food do you feed them?

We feed them wet and dry food. Plus some raw meat such as chicken gizzard, heart and liver. But we will add some vitamin mix with it.

Cat litter

We use petsafe crystal litter and Tidy cats clumping clay cat litter.

Nutrition products.


What should I do if my cat is having diarrhea?

If you go to veterinary, they will collect kitten stool and sent to laboratory for analysis to decide which bacteria causing the diarrhea. However, it costs time and money. First you may want to try some proofed herb solution. We tried and it works. Here it is. It is anti diarrhea liquid from Nuri-Vet. 

My cat is having constipation


Spay Inc. Contact with them and inform them your location. They will send out a list of veterinary services who will provide low cost spay/neuter program. Each service price is provided and service detail is listed. When you decide one service, tell Spay Inc. They will provide you a control number. You need the control number to schedule the service.

Google online for low cost spaying/neutering, you can see all kinds of government agencies who provide the service for a lower fee.

What is about Rabies Shot?

So far the cheapest service in fairfax county is $15. It is Pender Vet. Other than that, there is a more flexible service in PetCo, Inc. It is called "PetCo rabies clinic". It has other affordable veterinary service also.

Common eye infection