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Under no circumstances that we shall do stud service.

No trades or any kind. We need money to buy kitten food and litter. 

People who intends to buy a breeder should inform us first. 

Unless specifically  states, kitten is sold as pet grade only

No trial period is allowed for any retired breeders. If you are not certain, don’t come. 

Need someone to take care of your Ragdoll while you are on vacation/business? We get contractors  bywhom we can refer you to. They are normally our Ragdoll owners themselves.

airline cargo shipping $450-$550 within the United States. For two cats, it will be total $550 to $650. It includes airline tickets, health certificate and airline required carrier.

$600 truck delivery to Chicago, $400 to Boston and any places along the route for one cat. $300 for each cat if shipping two in carrier. Shipper provide carrier. Date has to be arranged

flight cabin delivery:

1. Chicago $550/2 cats;

2. Boston $450/2 cats.

Our kittens are sold unaltered. We suggest to leave time for the cats to have hormone to grow physically proportionally. 


Our breeding cats are tested FELV/FIV negative and they are also tested HCM negative. We also did some genetic coloring tests for our breeding program. All tests are done in "The UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory".

Other than that, we have a separate facilities to host young kittens to avoid "shelter/breeder" crowded animal situation. In this way, we can avoid herpes, FIP virus and etc.

In order to produce people friendly animals, we have people live with kittens all the time. It doesn't matter if it is in gazebo or insulated shed, we have people stay with them to have better social experience with them. We have no skittish cats. They are all people friendly.

  • We are an open/close cattery.

Although we don’t against our customers to visit our facility and interact with our kittens when they are over 6 weeks old, it is still impose tremendous burden on us for the show. Unfortunately, some people is not serious about visit. Therefore, we have the right to refuse any showing which is deemed not serious. Also please add up some days in between after you visited other cattery or shelter. We want to make sure that our kittens don't get virus outside.

  • Non refundable deposit and payment form

Our policy is $300 non refundable down payment to reserve a kitten. We accept cash, Venmo, Zelle and Paypal. However people has to pay 3% extra to use Paypal.

  • Feedback

There are often times which we introduce new breeders into our program. We shall get feedback from our customers to find out problems for better breeding. It is highly appreciated to get feedback from your guys. We want to know how their personality goes and how their well beings.